What can we tell you? How about something obvious? We’re both Canadian and huge hockey fans. More importantly we’re huge Winnipeg Jets hockey fans. And yes, it’s we or us, not me or I. There’s two awesome guys behind the start of PCSN, so let’s take a chance to introduce them to you.

Marshall Stevenson

Born and raised in Winnipeg, MB, Marshall moved west to Calgary in 2000 where he latched on to the Flames, regularly proclaiming “I’ve already lost one team, so I’m not going to lose another.” That of course changed in 2011 when it was announced that Winnipeg was seeing the return of the NHL – more importantly the return of the Winnipeg Jets.

Growing up he gave mock interviews, pretending to be Wayne Gretzky while his uncle patiently conducted the questions. There’s recordings of them somewhere, but who knows where. It was at that time it was clear how much he loved hockey. His first hockey game wasn’t until the early 90′s though. It was a classic match-up with Detroit. Looking back it’s quite ironic that both his first and last Winnipeg Jets games were versus the Detroit Red Wings. He was in the stands when rookie sensation Teemu Selanne scored his record setting 54th goal, was presented with his new car from the Winnipeg Jets organization, and of course, the final game the Winnipeg Jets would every play in the Winnipeg Arena before moving to Arizona.

He’s also the “tech geek” behind PCSN and customizing the appearance of the site. Additional all the post production on the audio, live stream configuration, show recruiting, marketing and funny guy. He wears a lot of hats, on a small team. He also produces several podcast shows and is the co-host of the #1 rated Jets Hockey Podcast.

Jeff Stevenson

Jeff Stevenson in his Winnipeg Jets jerseyJeff was also born and raised in Winnipeg, MB before moving west in 2005 and finally putting down roots in Calgary in 2007. It was in Calgary, ironically, that he found himself connecting more with his cousin Marshall than when they were growing up in the same city. His friends and family had always asked him if he would move back to Winnipeg one day. His reply “only if the Jets come back will I even consider it.”

Jeff grew up around hockey and the Jets were the only team that mattered to him. Countless nights he would be out late on the street with his brother pretending to be Dale Hawerchuck or Teemu Selanne and countless others that wore the Blue, Red and White of the Jets. He was only 14 when the Jets played their last game but like he had been lucky enough many seasons before, he was able to attend that last and final playoff game vs Detroit. Jeff is so passionate he still holds a grudge against Detroit for eliminating the Jets from the NHL to this day.


We quickly realized that there were many other avid hockey fans out there and wanted a central point to connect them all. It was after launching the Jets Hockey Podcast that the idea of creating a network of podcast shows started to evolve.

The acronym of PCSN was chosen to embody the sporting world. The debate continues on whether it’s the PodCast Sports Network or Puck Cast Sports Network. In any event, the content of all the shows will be sports related on PCSN.

It’s the passion for hockey that initially started the site and why we’ve chosen to launch with hockey related shows. The Jets Hockey Podcast will be moving to it’s new home October 2012. And the launch of the Drunk Hockey Show will see the second show added to the network with several other shows currently in negotiations.

We encourage you to tune in and check back regularly as the site and content evolves. And most importantly, keep your stick on the ice.