Star Filled Weekend


Friday’s Game 8:00 PM – Calgary Inferno 1 – Montreal Stars 3

1st (0:49) Montreal – D. Thibault (7) PP (S. Vaillancourt, C. Chartrand), (7:13) Calgary – K. Webster (1) PP (T. Peacock, J. Paetsch)
2nd No Scoring
3rd (14:53) Montreal – A. Bettez (12) PP (D. Thibault, S. Vaillancourt), (19:24) Montreal – S. Vaillancourt (9) EN (A. Bettez, C. Hill)

Calgary (9,10,3) – 22
Montreal (10,6,13) – 29

Three Stars
1st – S. Vaillancourt (MON)
2nd – D. Brian (CAL)
3rd – D. Thibault (MON) Too Hot To Handle Inferno Player of the Game: Bianca Zuber

Quick Recap: The Stars came out with an early goal on the first shot of the game, but the Inferno responded quickly and controlled most of the play through the first two periods before a late power play goal in the third period put the Stars ahead for good.

Saturday’s Game 1:45 PM – Calgary Inferno 3 – Montreal Stars 5

1st (1:20) Calgary – J. Wong (2) (D. Stone), (6:27) Montreal – D. Thibault (8) PP (C. Chartrand, V. Davidson), (16:23) Montreal – V. Bouetz-Andrieu (1) (A. Bettez, S. Vaillancourt)
2nd (3:33) Montreal – M. Provost (8) (C. Dupius)
3rd (3:34) Montreal – A. Bettez (13) PP (C. Chartrand), (12:59) Calgary – C. Purcell (2) (E. Kromm, J. O’Grady), (17:18) Montreal – C. Hill (1) (A. Cecere), (19:49) Calgary – C. Purcell (3) PP (J. Wong, L. Dostaler)

Calgary (6,6,8) – 20
Montreal (11,10,9) – 30

Three Stars
1st - A. Bettez (MON)
2nd – J. Wong (CAL)
3rd – C. Chartrand (MON) Too Hot To Handle Inferno Player of the Game: Jessica Wong

Quick Recap: The Inferno opened the scoring and continued to battle in a back and forth game that did not translate to the score sheet. After the Stars tied the game on a controversial goal early in the first period they would take the lead and extend it to 3-1 in the second. The teams would trade goals in the third for the Stars second straight victory.

Sunday’s Game 12:00 PM – Calgary Inferno 2 (SO) – Montreal Stars 1

1st (15:23) Calgary – D. Stone (9) (EA) (Paetsch, Schreoder)
2nd No Scoring
3rd (15:47) Montreal – A. Bettez (14) (Vaillancourt, Dupuis)
OT No Scoring

Montreal – A. Cecere – No Goal
Calgary – J. Wong – No Goal
Montreal – V. Davidson – No Goal
Calgary – J. Paestch – Goal
Montreal – S. Vaillancourt

Calgary (6,1,4,0) – 11
Montreal (6,16,9,3) – 34

Three Stars
1st – Catherine Heron (MON)
2nd – Julie Paestch (CAL)
3rd – Dany Stone (CAL) Too Hot To Handle Player of the Game: Delayne Brian

Quick Recap: The Inferno came out strong in the first period scoring the only go to lead 1 – 0 after the first while tied in shots 6-6. From there it was the Delayne Brian show as the Stars outshot the Inferno 15-1 in the second period and 9-3 in the third period finally beating her on the 30th shot of the game to force overtime. OT saw the Inferno apply the pressure once again until Karolina Urban took a penalty with just under two minutes to play. As it had done all game the penalty kill was strong not allowing the Stars to score on nine opportunities and forcing the shoot out where Julie Patsch scored the lone goal and Delayne Brian shut the door to hand the league leading Stars only their third defeat this season.